Annual Employee Appraisal V2

Does the employee possess the necessary job knowledge? *

Additional Comments:

Quantity *

  • Completes work in a timely manner

  • Performance is steady and consistent

  • Streamlines operations to make effective use of time

  • Self monitors performance

Additional Comments:

Quality *

  • Completes work in a timely manner

  • Prioritizes accuracy and thoroughness

  • Displays commitment to excellence

  •  Pays close attention to detail

  • Applies feedback to performance

Additional Comments:

Customer Service Rating: *

  • Friendly, polite, professional

  • Maintains a positive outlook

  • Offers support and assistance to coworkers and customers

  • establishes effective relationships

  • Works to actively resolve conflicts and manages emotional situations

  • Good representation of the company to the public

Does the employee show initiative, judgment, & problem solving? *

Is the employee dependable? *

Does the employee show planning & organization? *

Does the employee communicate effectively? *

How is the employee's attendance & punctuality?

What goals would you like to see this employee achieve over the next 6-12 months? *

Do you have any additional comments, concerns, or feedback for this employee?